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28 Oct 2020

Baguio - baguio cathedral, a known landmark in baguio city
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Do you want to know what Baguio really looks like? Then take a look at the pictures of Baguio on this page. Do you also have some holiday pictures of Baguio? Then add them here.
Curious about what Baguio really looks like? Take a look at the photos of Baguio on this page. Do you have photos of Baguio too? Make sure to add them here. - - -

Pictures of Baguio

  • Baguio - mansion(reflection) though the water isnt still so the reflection is vague
  • Baguio - mountain view from mines view
  • Baguio - porta vage, a variation of architectural style
  • Baguio - pinoy hotpot, food and delicacies
  • Baguio - a glimpse of the sunset in the city
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