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Popularity index

Popularity index: sort by popularity

Zoover has several options for sorting accommodations. The default option on Zoover is 'sort by popularity', hereafter referred to as the popularity index.

The popularity index is specially designed to give a current and independent representation of accommodations on offer on Zoover which are popular amongst travellers like yourself.

How does the popularity index work?

The popularity index quickly gives a clear overview of accommodations that are popular among Zoover visitors.

To calculate the popularity index Zoover uses an algorithm and the latest data including:

Average score, both good and bad

International reviews

Amount of contributions (photos, reviews, hotel information, etc.)

Surf behaviour of travellers on Zoover

Why sort by popularity?

Interesting and time saving

Instead of using a sorting option that only looks at one specific aspect, for example, the average score, ‘sort by popularity’ gives a more nuanced picture of accommodations that are interesting for you. Including the above information in this filter lets us give a more recent and independent picture of accommodations that are popular among travellers on Zoover.

Sort by popularity saves time. For example, you don’t have to read any reviews to find out that a hotel with high score has a bad location. 
The popularity index ensures that this hotel is filtered out your search results, allowing you to only see the most attractive accommodations for your holiday.